Social Responsibility

About Us

Florense has an extensive social responsibility program,
ranging from educational initiatives on environmental sustainability to charitable donations.

  • The commitment to social responsibility is one of the core values of Florense. Three main areas compose the company’s social program: education on environmental sustainability, collaboration and financial support that serve low-income communities and youth welfare, and investments in cultural activities.
  • Florense’s most prominent social project is called Projeto Casa da Criança (Children’s Home Project). Founded in 1999 in Recife, Brazil, architects Patrícia Chalaça and Marcelo Souza Leão decided to use their expertise in architecture and construction to create a philanthropy project dedicated to remodel public youth shelters, pre-schools and care clinics. This brought thousands of needy children comfort, better nutrition and access to healthcare. Florense has been a partner with Projeto Casa da Criança since its inception by donating cabinets and furniture to remodel these public youth dwellings throughtout Brazil.