Florense is Green

Sustainability is a core value of Florense.
This is a commitment we took on long ago,
improving our environmental program by investing in design,
technology, services and management.

Florense is green
Microsite Florense is green
  • Florense was a pioneer among furniture factories in Latin America in obtaining the ISO 14001, an international environmental management certification. It sets the procedures that companies must follow to become green and is the most rigorous environmental regulation in the world. The efforts required to comply with ISO 14001 began in 1994. Since then, machines and equipment have been gradually replaced by new, non-polluting and low energy consumption ones.
  • Every step of the manufacturing process for our furniture have been redesigned, taking into account environmental impacts. As a result, our industrial park has one of the most advanced finishing centers in the world - environmentally correct.

    A green company must guarantee its products and manufacturing processes will be sustainable. It begins with the extraction and production of raw-materials, which must be obtained from renewable sources. During the manufacturing process all waste is collected and disposed in proper areas for recycling. Florense has its own water purification station, so all water used in the production is recycled and reused. Chemical disposal is stored in special containers and sent to recycling facilities. Sawdust is collected by vacuum tubes and burned in an incinerator with special pollutant gas filters, and the heat is used as clean energy in the factory. Even office supplies come from sustainable sources, like recycled paper and printer toners.

    This results in a harmonious relationship between high-end furniture and sustainability.