8 utensils to make your kitchen more practical - and colorful!


13 MAR 2013

Cooking can be one of the most fun activities to do at home.It would be better still with colored utensils that make everything prettier! Next are eight utensils to make your kitchen more practical.

1 - Elevate Utensil Set: To eliminate the mess and dirt, these tools have a 'built in rest' on the back that prevents them from touching the work top surface. Joseph Joseph Brand.

2 - Nest 9 Plus Compact Food Preparation Set: A set of nine pieces that can be stacked neatly together, occupies the absolute minimum amount of space in your kitchen and assists you in preparing delicacies. Also from Joseph Joseph.

3 - Adjustable Rolling Pin: The classical rolling pin with a series of discs that save time by adjusting the height of the rolling pin, to create exactly the correct pastry thicknesses. From Joseph Joseph.

4 - Pizza Scissors: From the Dreamfarm Scizza brand, special scissors to cut pizza.

5 - Click ´n Cook: A practical system that brings various spatulas to one place. Just snap it on, cook, click to release.

6 - Quirky Grip Multi-Position Cheese Grater: A very practical grater. Just adjust its 'arms' and grate directly on the plate or in the traditional way.

7 - Quirky Stem Hand Juicer: An innovative device that allows you to spray juice directly from the fruit.

8 - Twist Whisk 2-1: This innovative product incorporates two essential whisks in one stylish design: a spatula to scrape food from pans or a balloon whisk that allow egg white to be whipped to perfection.