A bioclimatic and eco-friendly house in Athens


14 MAY 2013




Located in an area of 7,000 m² in Athens, Greece, this bioclimatic house has a clean design, where white predominates. The project was designed by 314 Architecture Studio, inspired by the owners love for yachts.


The bioclimatic design allows the sun to warm cold places in the winter, while the ventilation blows the hot air out in the summer. The use of geothermal energy saves money on the cooling and heating system.


Heated with solar panels, the pool water comes from a tank that collects and drains rainwater, a fully sustainable system.


The material used in the internal structure and the furniture is also eco-friendly. The decoration is based on the needs of the owners and merges luxury and ergonomics, with a special space for the abstract sculptures of John Aspras.







This is a cool project that unites luxury with elegance and sustainability.