A modern and minimalist wooden house


28 JUN 2013


This modern residence, for a family with no children, was designed by architect Robert M. Gurney.  Located in Maryland, in the United States, its structure calls attention to the preponderance of wood, which has gained a modern air, combined with large glass windows and their dark brown frames.

The minimalism of the straight lines also provides the pool with a look of modernity, built on a high platform, due to the steep terrain. The region is an extremely wooded area and the ideal setting for those seeking inspiration and tranquility at work. The office is located on the ground floor in a structure isolated from the main house by a body of water.  There, one can also find a garage and a guest suite.  

The natural colors palette of the external area fits perfectly with the landscape. Inside, white is the predominate color. Color is used both on the ground, as well as in the oak cabinets. This clear atmosphere refocuses ones attention to the outdoor areas, allowing the owner to also connect with his surroundings.



The modernity of urban centers combined with the tranquility of nature in an incredible combination. 


Fotos: Maxwell Mackenzie