A stylish house for meditation in India


03 APR 2013


This amazing residence perched on a cliff in Chowara, a fishermen’s island in India, was designed by Khosla Associates, one of the most respected architectural firms in the country. With a huge infinity pool, the design concept combines air, ocean and sky.

Its dimensions are spectacular: the skewed wall measures 45 meters and covers an area of 1397 m2. It is located 200 feet above the Arabian Sea; the view includes a large coconut plantation, and miles of ocean.

One of its most striking features is the sloping and asymmetrical roof. The external and internal finishes are polished cement, concrete and rough slate juxtaposed against warm slatted timber and natural local kota stone. Furniture and accessories (a lot of them were made by local craftsmen) are kept to a minimal, so that the focus doesn’t stray from the natural environment

The client lives in London and commissioned the house as a holiday home with several floors and meditation areas.

 Relaxation seems to be the new luxury.