Amazing house of containers in Australia


24 APR 2014
Designed by ZieglerBuild, this is the largest shipping container home in Australia. With three stories, built from 31 containers and demonstrating superior fit and finish on all aspects of its unique design, it is a majestic home in a neighborhood of traditional buildings and houses. 
Spanning three generous levels, we are taken back to the power of classic design elements: clean lines, open spaces and quality finishes. Living areas on the first floor merge without interruption. Intelligently designed to incorporate interesting angles and artistic features, the interior spaces are practical and visually appealing.
The rich detail of the interiors emphasizes natural elegance, featuring a dynamic blend of materials, while the abundant use of glass maximizes natural light and encourages uninterrupted views of the river and the forest surrounding the house. 
The transition from the inside to the outdoors was instrumental in the design of this home, as evidenced by the numerous outdoor spaces accentuated on each level. Specifically built for outdoor areas of relaxation and entertainment, the house opens up to refreshing breezes with a balanced floor plan, which takes full advantage of the tropical climate of Queensland.
In all aspects the project not only guarantees the family's quality of life, but also offers a few pleasant surprises and intelligent designs. It is the meticulous attention to detail that really sets the beauty of this residence.