Beautiful house seems to float in Tel-Aviv


10 JUN 2014
The Float House, a rather interesting residential project located in Tel Aviv, Israel, focuses on a seamless interior/exterior transition.
Imagined by Pitsou Kedem Architect, the 5,920 sq. ft. property was perfectly adapted to fit the needs of a modern family. “The architectural concept was to create a structure with a large continuous space divided by internal courtyards and mobile partitions into smaller spaces used for a variety of different functions," explain the project developers.
A swimming pool full of large basalt rocks and trees that appear to float on water greet visitors upon arrival. Using large windows instead of walls, the designers managed to deliver fresh and spacious interiors, flooded with natural light.
Elegant finishes throughout and minimalist design creates modern spaces for living and relaxation. The home radiates comfort and serenity. 
A seamless, awesome home without definite walls! Do you like it?