English Cottage in contemporary wood


13 JAN 2014
This beautiful contemporary wooden residence is Downley House, designed in 2012 by Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects, and is located in Petersfield, UK.
The design follows the genre of English country houses, composed of simple geometric shapes, which nestle in the landscape. Starting with the circular arrival area, extending through an arbor of oak through the tribune of the indoor garden. The internal circulation flows from the entrance hall and guest wing of the stairs along the front of the house. This leads to the rooftop garden, were there is a panoramic view of the valley and bridges to the hillside to complete the landscape.
The house employs natural, locally sourced materials, a prefabricated wooden structure and a sophisticated environmental strategy to create a house with a low energy cost. The combination of high insulation with good air seal, earth pipes, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and a geothermal heat pump land with guaranteed origin, endured that no additional energy was needed to heat the house in winter. The house has provided an exclusive contribution project on the South Downs, generating positive interest in the local community, including the hospitality for an educational day for the students at Ditcham Park School to learn about the environmental and ecological technologies used in the project.