Hotel Alila Villas in Bali


06 NOV 2013
All you have to do is think of the islands of Bali, immediately, your brain forms the image of a heavenly scenario, right? So, come and see the Alila Villas, a wonderful hotel, it will only confirm this concept.
Situated on the Bukit Peninsula, on the dramatic southern cliffs of the Indonesian island of Bali, the hotel has 50 suites with 35 residential villas.
The WOHA Architecture (from Singapore) project shows the fusion of local architecture of the country, with a modernist design. The location combines the delights of traditional Balinese architecture and rural landscapes with a modern dynamic treatment of space and form. The design is based from first principles around the pleasures inhabiting the particular site, rather than assembling stereotypical images of Bali or generic resorts.
It is important to note that the project is sustainable in several aspects: the architecture respects the local landscape, rainwater is harnessed for the laundry and toilets, the swimming pools use salt water instead of chlorine, the hotel has an awareness programs about the preservation of the environment for guests and integration programs with the natives of the place.
All this, combined with the stunning beauty of the place, arouses the desire to vacation or live in Alila, is that not true?!