Inside the headquarters of the Tulip Group

Interior Design

10 DEC 2013
The Tulip Group, an Indian real estate development company, headquartered in Gugaon, north of the country, occupies 4 floors of a building in the downtown area. The site, with more than 7,000 m², were refurbished and redesigned by Cosmos Design, also Indian.
Divided into 4 main areas, the project has as a principle indicator of aesthetics, comfort and sophistication. The floor that welcomes guests is proud of being functional and aesthetically beautiful; the highlights are the warm tones of the reception and lobby area, which is one of the highlights of the whole project.
On the floor that houses the offices, large counters were installed, to reinforce the desired interaction with the employees and also to increase the space. The orange color was used because it represents enthusiasm, motivation, energy and balance.
The board of directors/administrative floor, stood out because of its comfort, luxury and sophistication. Warm tones of the materials were used to make the space cozy, because as the directors spend most of their day in the office, comfort was of paramount importance in the design. On the one hand, where black represents power, elegance, sophistication and style, gold represents wealth and strength, and the shades go well together on the floor.
As for the cafeteria, the project would be unorthodox and informal, without the need for regularity and linearity. All materials/components used are not only effective in terms of costs and they allowed for the swift implementation, but are also easy to maintain, a factor that is very important to achieve true cost-benefit ratio of the project.