Libraries to know around the world


28 JUN 2013

Anyone who loves books knows how cool it is to be around several of them, whether they are in a library, a bookstore, or even at home with your own collection. But around the world there are many places where you can enjoy the contact with a huge collection of books, just the way we were shown one day: on paper, leather-bound (or not), full of pages just waiting to be turned.

Architecturally interesting, luxurious, full of history, or high tech, these libraries are fascinating. How about taking a look now and choose your can't-miss tours for your next vacation?


Stockholm Public Library (Sweden)


Sendai Mediatheque (Japan)


Vennesla Library and Culture House (Norway)


The Royal Danish Library (Denmark)


National Library, Site Richelieu na Bibliothèque Nationale de France (France)


The Rijksmuseum Research Library in Amsterdam (Netherlands)