Lo Curro, a lovely house in Chile


13 JAN 2014
With beautiful architecture that follows the natural forms of the landscape that surrounds it, the Lo Curro House is a great example of how contemporary architecture could, perfectly, merge with the rugged landscape of the place.
Located in Santiago, with almost 1,000 sqm, the project of the Chilean architecture firm Peñafiel Architects, to enjoy the magnificent views that surround it: the southeast of Santiago and beyond the Andes. Therefore, the initial plan of the architects was to develop a house without walls, only glass.
Based on this concept, the building was provided with a generous terrace overlooking the city: "The house was designed between two curves: one with central internal circulation and another, on the facade, which is above the city. Between these two curves an orthogonal program was developed in the bedrooms that highlight the curves as elements incorporated into the landscape", the architects explained. Unlike the initial planning stage, not every house has walls of exposed glass; concrete and wood are also part of the final project.
A combination of incredible architecture, with breathtaking panoramic views. Do you all agree?