Porthole Drink Infuser by Martin Kastner

Art & Design

29 AUG 2012


Created by Martin Kastner, the Porthole Drink Infuser is a kind of circular shaped glass jar, which can be used for drinks, oils, teas, etc.

The idea came up during a conversation with Martin and some chefs that were preparing to open a restaurant in Chicago. "We talked about 'rapid infusions' - cocktails prepared quickly - and it occurred to me that we are actually looking for a window to another world, space and time," said Kastner.

After several requests from restaurant guests to acquire the Porthole Drink Infuser, "including some who, when they were told that they could not buy one, decided they would take those that were being used", Kastner decided to produce it.

The result of this production is a version that holds up to 390 ml, made of tempered glass and stainless steel.