Spectacular Geometric House in Singapore


16 JAN 2014
AD Lab recently completed the Andrew Road House project, a beautiful, modern residence located in the Caldecott region of central Singapore. The uneven terrain as well as its proximity to a busy highway presented quite a few challenges: "The undulating terrain of the neighborhood is quite unusual in Singapore, and creates a street-scape whereby the plots of land are about a story below the street level. The architects took advantage of this unusual situation to lower most of the communal facilities down into a sunken court that shields them from the noise of the highway". This also automatically increased the level of privacy for the inhabitants.
The undulating roofs create a spectacle of shapes, each different on the standpoint revealing a new point of view when looking at the project. As you step inside the homes, you are greeted by elegance, wrapped up in spaces defined by brightness and modern opulence.
All interiors are connected to a central courtyard, where the inhabitants can relax. Aside from being an essential leisure and aesthetic feature of the house, the swimming pool has the ability to cool down the atmosphere during warm days. Another element that helps in natural air conditioning is the many vertical gardens and the use of ecological roofing.
And you're a fan of geometric lines in architecture?