Sunshine Canyon House, por THA Architects


10 JUN 2014
This is the Sunshine Canyon Residence, as the name suggests, it is located on a Colorado mountainside. It was built in 2013, after a massive fire in the region in 2010 burned down the former owners’ home. 
The owners sought out THA Architecture for their rebuilt home and gave them an additional task, the house had to be spectacular.
THA took the request seriously and designed the Sunshine Canyon Residence, a contemporary American home, with high-quality timber and large openings and extensive balcony area. The garage is spacious enough for two cars, mountain bikes and a workbench. 
The architectural firm recommended that the building be located about 2km above the area where the old house had burned. This made the view of the area more expansive and the landscape is now even more stunning.
What a great comeback!