The Evernote office


21 AUG 2013


Evernote’s office is located in Redwood City, California (USA), and was designed by Studio O + A. This start-up develops software that helps store ideas, tasks, projects etc. on different platforms and a large space was needed that stimulates creativity.


The design is bold and operates with the idea of a large warehouse with few finishes, giving the feeling that it is still under construction. The elephant, which is the company´s logo, is highlighted on the wall. Informality is one of the most striking aspects of the area and it suits the characteristics of this business model. At the entrance there is a sort of coffee bar, designed in accordance with the routine of the staff. Likewise, the staircase has cushions to promote a dialog, making it a relaxation area and a meeting place. The plants were chosen to need little water, which facilitates maintenance.


There is also a Ping-Pong table and a fitness room equipped with treadmills, exercise bikes and other equipment. The result of all these options is an environment that promotes casual interactions that become creative impulses.



Innovation at a low cost, the perfect solution for new and creative Companies.


Photos: Jasper Sanded