The impressive GaOnJay in Seoul, South Korea


24 APR 2014

Designed and built in 2013, this impressive project of Iroje KHM Architects draws attention for its complexity and richness with lines and shapes.

The Space:
About 20 years ago the Seoul Government held a "Home Expo" in the GangNam, district of GaOnJai, and built a mini-city with homes intended for the famous architects of that time to showcase their projects. The home is a new construction located in this district.

Client requirements:
Efficient land-use, ecology: The owner felt the previous home had spaces that were not functional and did not receive enough light. Maximizing the efficiency of the land and being ecological were important for the project. 

Introverted space: To maintain privacy and security, blocking out noise, smoke and the curiosity of others, an introverted part of the home was a necessity.

Panoramic view: A view of a beautiful nearby mountain from the living room was a must.

Korean cultural identity: a house with its own representation of the Korean cultural identity was necessary.

Demonstrating the traditional Korean language of "Madang", "RU" and "CHEOMA"
Madang, a Korean interior courtyard, fulfilled the requirement for a private space, ecological environment, and outdoor area.

RU, the term for "layers" in Korean architecture, was fulfilled with the living room, which faced the dynamic and picturesque landscape near the mountain.
Cheoma is the floating roof of this home, it provides not only resistance to poor weather conditions, but also the opportunity to revive the traditional language of architecture translated into modern.

How about you? Do you like the GaOnJai?