VillaF: a striking house in Greece


24 OCT 2013
Situated on the Rhodes Coast, in Greece, Villa F is flanked by a rocky wall on one side and by the Mediterranean Sea on the other. The project was designed by Hornung & Jacobi Architecture.
At the underground level there is the garage, which opens a crack in the shape of a prism in the rock. Above, the living rooms, dining room and kitchen, which are on the same floor as a magnificent swimming pool with a spacious yard, both with a view of the Mediterranean, where the light is beautiful.
Projected out of the house, on the level above the pool, also in the shape of a rectangular prism, is the master suite which has a breathtaking view and minimalist decor. What connects the two floors is a staircase with an unusual curvature, however, in harmony with the shapes of the house.
At least 'striking' can the adjective used to describe Villa F. Do you all agree?