Waterfalling: a mansion facing the ocean in Hawaii


11 MAR 2014
This gorgeous oceanfront home is located in the Waikaumalo-Maulua estates on the Big Island of Hawaii. The property was built from the finest materials available and is designed to last for generations. In addition, the home features unparalleled sports facilities and is fully accessible, making it comfortable and luxurious for everyone.
Typically life in Hawaii means hopping from island to island. The rooftop deck is large enough to accommodate helicopter landings, making travel extremely convenient.
The décor is neutral and harmonizes perfectly with the natural light that enters through the large windows in the house. The cylindrical elevator is also one of the highlights of the home. The views from all levels of the house are spectacular, including stunning panoramas from the master bedroom, which overlooks the Pacific, as well as a nearby waterfall. There’s an Olympic size pool, with three lanes, but the aquatic facilities do not stop there. The home also has a diving pool with a springboard, and a kid’s pool for the little ones to enjoy. Of course, for those who prefer the sea, the ocean is only steps away.
Impressive, isn't it?!