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Our corporate culture is marked by what we long to be, how we achieve our goals, what we believe in and the future we desire.


To enchant people, generate emotion and desire, with authenticity and passion in what we do.


To be an admired and desired brand.


PASSION AND COMMITMENT Being determined and passionate about what we do, committing to always do our best. ETHICS AND TRANSPARENCY Being truthful is essential. We crave to maintain honesty and family spirit at all levels of the company and in the relationship with all audiences (employees, customers, franchisees, partners, shareholders, suppliers etc.). INNOVATION AND MOVEMENT We wish to create and boost changes that provide continuous improvement in processes, products and services, history and legacy, respecting and enriching the history built so far, which has resulted in a legacy of trust and credibility. SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT We wish to commit to society and the preservation of the environment to ensure the well-being of future generations. COLLABORATION AND TEAMWORK Knowing how to work in a team is essential. We cherish the union of all who are part of Florense, Florense Brands and Volare, who represent the Florense Family. GROWTH AND RESULTS We aim to develop capabilities and new skills so as to achieve new goals, investing in courses, workshops and training.


Design, manufacture and sale of residential and corporate furniture.